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Maine Forest Rally
July 27-28, 2001

For Immediate Release
July 25, 2001

Rocky Road Racing Gears Up for the SCCAís Version of the Acropolis Rally

Shillington, PA - Rocky Road Racing will take their Steve Moyer Subaru, KAM Specialties sponsored 1996 Subaru Impreza to Rumford, Maine this weekend to compete against 120 of the best rally teams from the United States and Canada in the Maine Forest Rally. This event is known for high speeds and big rocks, a combination that can bring a teamís rally to a abrupt hault.

“This is a deceptive event,Ē states driver/owner Don Kennedy. “The roads arenít quite as tight and the trees arenít as close as the last two events weíve run [Cherokee Trails International Rally and STPR]. You donít sense your speed as much, which can get you into a lot of trouble if youíre not careful.” Not starting near the front, the team has the advantage of looking for the previous competitorsí tracks to reveal any tricky sections.

Although navigator Keith Kennedy hasnít sat in the right seat for a performance rally since Maine last year, heís not too concerned. “Iíve run a couple of TSD rallies since Maine last year; theyíve helped keep my navigating skills fresh. Also, the long special-stages at Maine [some over 20 miles] allow the driver and navigator to get into a rhythm,” which will help to ease the transition back into competition for Keith.

The event itself has been slightly restructured this year. Gone is the traditional spectator stage run through downtown Rumford, replaced with a spectator Stage at the Mexico Recreational Park, just outside of downtown Mexico/Rumford on Route 17 West. Also, due to the growing list of entrants, the event organizers have done away with repeating any of the stages.

“Well, Iím kind of glad they had to do away with the repeated stages. Some of the roads were pretty bad the first time through, and absolutely brutal the second time” relates crew chief Matt Kennedy. Rocky Road Racing was fortunate to have only bent rims last year, while other competitors broke rims, some having multiple breaks on the same stage. “While the last event [STPR] tested teamsí overall endurance, this one primarily tests the carís strength.”

To find out more information and follow all of the action at the eventís official web site: After the event you can see photographs and read about Rocky Road Racing's exploits by checking their site:

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