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June 3-4, 2006

Well, a little less than two and a half miles into stage two the road surface turned the consistency of wet concrete and the car wouldn't turn. The driver's side bounced off a stump, the car pirouetted into a tree, and holed the radiator. Amazingly, not one piece of glass was broken, and the only mechanical damage was the radiator, though the shell/frame was a bit biffed.

Rather than fix a car that's already been twisted, bent, straightened, and fixed more times than we want to remember, we decided to build a new shell and transfer all the parts.

Photos of the new build can be found HERE


Damage Photos

Crunched Front End

Wrinkled Rockers and Doors

The Scene of the Crime

Caved in Rocker Panel

Bowed Door

Door Panel Still in Place


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